Exhibition profile

The exhibition will present an integrated exposition of high-tech industrial products and modern technologies in the following areas:




Oil and gas extraction

Armoured vehicles

Search and inspection equipment

Mining and processing of precious metals

Missile, artillery and small arms

Video surveillance and video analytics

Geological exploration

Aviation hardware, weapons and equipment

Hardware and software complex

"Safe City"

Refining and petrochemicals

Electronic combat support equipment

Transportation and storage equipment

Means of radiation, chemical and biological protection of troops

Emergency Monitoring and Prevention

Hydroelectric power stations

Rescue equipment

Electrical and heat networks: transportation and distribution

Troop mobility and protection engineering

Special transport/vehicles

Energy conservation and new types of energy sources

Combined Arms Vehicles

Armor protection equipment, uniforms, tactical gear

Agrotechnics of various purposes, facilities and storage systems

Tactical gear of military personnel

Artificial intelligence of security systems

Industrial automation and digitalization

Technical means of border protection

Robotics and UAVs

Construction and lifting equipment

Military and Special Purpose Robotics

Industrial and environmental safety

Units and components of special vehicles for various purposes

Information Technology and Cybersecurity

Transport safety and security


The thematic sections of the exhibition are defined by the Organizers. The programs of the exhibition have changeable number of the thematic sections and yearly are optimized in accordance with the up-to-date needs of the defence and law enforcement bodies of the Kyrgyz Republic.